Enjoy a Fresh and Delicious Lunch

What's in the Bag? offers a variety fresh sandwiches, salads, and soups. All of our products are prepared and made fresh daily.

About the Company

We started out caterings lunches and special events to businesses around the Temple and Belton area. We wanted to provide a place for all to gather and enjoy our specialty sandwiches, salads, and soups. After searching, we found our home at 2415 N. Main, Belton, Tx.

Meet the Owner

Our founder, Valerie Richards, discovered her passion for cooking 20 years ago. She is a self-taught cook who is guided by God and her love for food. Valerie likes preparing and watching everyone enjoy what she have made. Every meal she cooks is made with locally grown produce when available and prepared with high-quality ingredients.

She also believes that every gathering can bring joy to everyone, especially if there are appetizing and delicious meals served on the table.

How We Started

After working in an office for more than 24 years, Valerie understands how valuable a one-hour lunch break is and how fast it can go. For this reason, she was inspired to establish her own business that allows workers to enjoy their lunch in a fresh new way.

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